Welcome To Our Tale

I like to buy shit. I like to look at shit. I like to see how I would make it a little more western, a little more weird, a little more me. I was coming up empty-handed and frustrated. The western wear stores near me offered overpriced, boring, and just plain lame looking items. I needed to come up with my own store – I needed a place that showcased shit that I wanted to wear, the things I wanted to hang in my house. Things I would be proud to show off, things that I would be proud to put myself behind. So I fuckin did it. Every single piece I offer is something I have or would wear. Every single piece I offer is something I spent time reviewing, customizing or trying on. My ego is too big to be tied to anything I wouldn’t love to have myself. Come and get a little western and a little weird with me.

A Little Western… A Little Weird !

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Wild rags and turquoise rings are always in season. These are both ready to go. Get yours today…shipping is free on your first order!

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